Pre-Natal & Post Natal Fitness

Exercise during these times is important both Physically and mentally to your wellbeing. James ensures your complete peace of mind while you exercise during pre and post natal periods.

Pre & Post Natal Fitness

Training during pregnancy brings great benefits to your body but you must make sure that exercise isn’t over exerted and is safely performed during and after your pregnancy as it could cause problems later. The main of emphasis of training during this time is to keep your body healthy.


During pregnancy there are a lot of changes going onto the body both physical and hormonal. Pre natal exercise is great to help maintain good blood circulation in the body which can be affected during pregnacy, as well as strengthen certain muscle parts to support you during your pregnancy like the lower back. Certain exercises to strengthen your pelvic walls will help you in your preparation for birth.

Pre & post natal exercise


After giving birth the body needs to recover. There’s still a lot of hormonal changes which can make muscles more supple than normal. Training done too intense can have later damage to you all once hormones are back to normal. The aim of this training is to work your body at the right intensity with the correct form so that you reduce the risk of damage to your your body later as well as getting you back into a physical condition that makes you happy.

Backed by science and 15 years of experience.

At Stimulate Body Training we offer a diverse range of training options to suit all levels of fitness and capabilities. Our focus includes general fitness, pre & post natal fitness, weights, body Conditioning & strength training, HIT (high Intensity Training) & circuits to name a few.

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