If you want to strengthen your core muscles, improve your metabolism and give your body a total body workout then you need to do a kettle bell workout!

Kettle bell training has been around for centuries but has only been utilised in fitness industry in the past 10 years. Its such a great workout as it gives you so many dimensions in which you can train and build your strength in a functional way.

It’s been found to improve people’s posture, core strength as well as reduce lower back problems when performed properly. Mixing both strength and endurance together is why they call this metabolic training!

Average calories burned in 40 minutes = 400 – 500 calories.

Kettle Bell Personal Training Richmond

Backed by science and 15 years of experience.

At Stimulate Body Training we offer a diverse range of training options to suit all levels of fitness and capabilities. Our focus includes general fitness, pre & post natal fitness, weights, body Conditioning & strength training, HIT (high Intensity Training) & circuits to name a few.

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