HIIT Training

High Intensity Interval Training, otherwise known as HIIT or circuit training, is a proven way to get fit and stay healthy.

The type of training everyone is doing at the moment. Short bursts of intensive exercise with recovery periods in between.

The key is to push yourself as much as possible on the exercise periods of the workout. High intensity training shouldn’t be done for long periods of time as the body isn’t capable of hitting the intensities you require for too long a period even with the recovery. This is due to the anaerobic intensity your putting on your muscles, reducing its glycogen stores. I use exercises to get a total body workout.

Great to improve cardiovascular ability as well as a great calorie burn.

30 minute body weight HIT = 250 – 375 calories burned on average.

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Circuits with James

I also like to do circuit training with clients. Been around for years but very effective. Similar to HIT but not as intense in the exercise period. Workout is longer with more fat being utilised to burn the calories due to the reduced intensity level but you’ll still get a great workout. Total body workout which mixes resistance and cardio together giving you a great overall workout! 45 minute workout = 300 – 600 calories burned on average.

Backed by science and 15 years of experience.

At Stimulate Body Training we offer a diverse range of training options to suit all levels of fitness and capabilities. Our focus includes general fitness, pre & post natal fitness, weights, body Conditioning & strength training, HIT (high Intensity Training) & circuits to name a few.

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