I found with almost every person I have ever trained, they’ve found working on boxing pads the most exciting, intense and enjoyable workout they do.

There are many effective boxing workouts, each with a unique impact on improving your fitness and skill set. When training, the use of boxing pads, also known as focus mitts, are extremely beneficial. These helps to protect your you from the force of your punches while allowing you to improve your fitness and fine-tune your boxing skills.

Boxing pad work is a great cardiovascular workout as well as improving agility, power and core balance. If your not one for sitting on a cardio machine and want to get a great cardiovascular workout, great enjoyment and burn loads of calories all at the same time, then this is the one for you. Not to be biased but this is a personal favourite of mine. I love training all abilities and love seeing the results it gives!

Average calories burned in 45 min session 340 – 420 calories.

Boxing Pad Training Twickenham

Backed by science and 15 years of experience.

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